Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a 501 (c) 3 non--profit group?  Yes
  2. How long has the group been together?  Since 2005
  3. Is there a Board of Directors?  Yes
  4. Are they paid? No.  All board and committee members volunteer their time.
  5. How are people identified as possible recipients for services? We receive referrals from area hospitals, physicians,  clinics, and social services agencies.
  6. Can individuals seek assistance on their own?  Yes, if they allow us to contact their physician(s) to verify the need for which they are requesting assistance.
  7. Do you give people money "in hand"? No.  We give them vouchers for service.  They take the voucher to the service provider and that provider sends the bill to WHIIMS.
  8. Can people receive funds more than once? All recipients are interviewed by  a WHIIMS peer counselor During the free counseling session, the counselor works with the client on locating other possible providers, resources, etc., as the client may not need to use additional  WHIIMS funds.
  9. How much of our donation will be tax deductible?  Consult your tax professional.
  10. Who will benefit directly from the donations received?  Women  living in the Miami Valley and surrounding areas.
  11. How may I get involved or make a donation?  Contact the WHIIMS office at 513-423-6621.